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Samantha Schmidt / Washington Post

Drones hit Moscow, shocking Russian capital after new missile attack on Kyiv

Drones damaged two residential buildings in a dramatic strike on Moscow after yet another barrage of Russian missiles on Kyiv killed one person and injured more than 12 on Tuesday.

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Boris Sedacca / eVTOL Insights

Eve Completes Development of its Urban Air Traffic Management Prototype

Eve Air Mobility has completed its urban air traffic management (UATM) prototype, which focusses on concepts and services essential to supporting the introduction and scalability of urban air mobility (UAM) operations.

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Heather Woolcox / telesat.com

Telesat selects Space Flight Laboratory to manufacture LEO 3 demonstration satellite

OTTAWA AND TORONTO, CANADA – May 30, 2023 –Telesat (NASDAQ and TSX: TSAT), one of the world’s largest and most innovative satellite operators, today announced a contract award to Space Flight Laboratory (SFL) of Toronto, Ontario to manufacture a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) demonstration satellite for Telesat.

2023-05-30T11:30:47.218722+00:00 A
Brett Snyder / Cranky Flier

Lufthansa Group Acquires the Worst Airline Ever: ITA Airways

At least Lufthansa Group knows what it’s getting into with this. Carsten Spohr, Lufthansa Group CEO, said, “Today’s agreement will lead to a win-win situation for Italy, ITA Airways and Lufthansa Group.” Notice he only used “win” twice, and that’s because it is a win-win for Italy and ITA.

2023-05-30T11:28:03.410178+00:00 A
Carl Surran / Seeking Alpha

Oshkosh to buy JBT's AeroTech business in $800M deal

Oshkosh (OSK) said it agreed to buy AeroTech, a provider of aviation ground support products, gate equipment and airport services to commercial airlines, airports and air freight carriers..

2023-05-30T09:16:37.165384+00:00 A
Aditya Kalra / Reuters

India stalls lessors' requests to reclaim Go First planes due to asset freeze

India's aviation watchdog has put on hold requests from lessors to repossess planes from Go First, as the airline's bankruptcy process imposes a freeze on assets which supersedes such requests, the regulator said in a court filing seen by Reuters..

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