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Ian Molyneaux / AeroTime

Air Algérie and Airbus announce deal for five Airbus A330-900neo and two A350-1000 aircraft.

Air Algérie has signed an order for five A330-900neo and two A350-1000 with Airbus after agreeing a deal for eight Boeing jets in May..

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Reuben Johnson / Breaking Defense

Korean Aerospace Industries eyes new fighter designs, FA-50 sales in Pacific

Underpinning KAI's plan is an overall goal of reducing the company’s dependence on Korean government procurement and to increase sales in the export market..

2023-06-01T14:38:55.111463+00:00 A
Jon Ostrower / The Air Current

Boeing’s CEO nixes the idea of acquiring Spirit AeroSystems

As Boeing pushes deeper into accelerating production, Spirit Aerosystems will stay an independent supplier..

2023-06-01T01:20:10.300921+00:00 D
Yoonjung Seo / CNN

North Korea's Kim Yo Jong says a military reconnaissance satellite will soon enter orbit

Kim Yo Jong, senior North Korean official and sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, said a North Korean military reconnaissance satellite will soon enter space orbit and begin its mission, according to state news agency KCNA on Thursday local time..

2023-05-31T22:50:55.735016+00:00 D
National Defence / Canada.ca

Strategic Tanker Transport Capability project: Preparation Of Two Used Airbus A330-200 For RCAF

This project will acquire a new fleet of aircraft that will be used for in-flight refuelling, airlift, strategic transport and medical evacuations..

2023-06-01T11:42:04.044252+00:00 A
Valerie Insinna / Reuters

Boeing CEO 'not overly anxious' about Chinese narrowbody jet

Boeing Co CEO Dave Calhoun downplayed speculation that China's maiden commercial flight of its domestically produced C919 narrowbody jet could foreshadow the end of the duopoly currently held by the U.S.

2023-06-01T13:53:10.028514+00:00 A
Julia Payne / Reuters

Ryanair asks EU Commission to protect overflights from strike disruption

Ryanair delivered a petition signed by 1.1 million EU passengers to the European Commission on Wednesday, demanding overflights be protected from air traffic control (ATC) strikes, particularly in France, to help avoid travel disruption..

2023-06-01T13:53:01.788388+00:00 S
Tereza Pultarova / Space.com

Odd supergiant star Betelgeuse is brightening up. Is it about to go supernova?

'When it happens, the star will become as bright as the full moon, except that it will be concentrated in a single point.'.

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