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Kantaro Komiya / Reuters

Japan's SLIM moon probe unexpectedly survives lunar night

Japan's space agency said on Monday its SLIM moon lander has unexpectedly survived a freezing lunar night and re-established communication with the earth, more than a month after the spacecraft made a historic pinpoint touchdown on the moon..

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James Field / Aviation Source
2024-02-26T00:57:17.369139-08:00 A

Hawaiian Airlines Inducts First Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

Last week saw Hawaiian Airlines induct it's first Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner into it's fleet, as modernisation begins..

Karen Lema / Reuters
2024-02-26T00:22:59.241774-08:00 S

Exclusive: Satellite images reveal floating barrier at mouth of disputed atoll in South China Sea

Satellite images of the hotly disputed Scarborough Shoal in the South China Sea show a new floating barrier across its entrance, near where Philippine ships and China coast guard vessels have had frequent run-ins..

Luke Peters / AeroTime
2024-02-26T02:05:08.606263-08:00 A

Delta expands to Australia with LA to Brisbane flights

Delta Air Lines has announced further Pacific expansion with a new direct Los Angeles to Brisbane flight, operating three times per week on Airbus A350-900s..

Financial Times / Financial Times
2024-02-25T21:02:41.350892-08:00 A

Ethiopian Airlines boss calls for African aviation deregulation to lower costs for travellers

Africa’s most successful carrier says continent’s airlines are being held back by inability to operate freely in the region.

Gareth Corfield, / The Telegraph
2024-02-25T22:04:31.924914-08:00 A

Airline ticket prices could rise because there aren’t enough planes, says Ryanair boss

A looming shortage of airliners from Boeing and Airbus means the cost of flights could rise by as much as 10 per cent.

Mireille Goyer / AVweb
2024-02-25T20:18:17.012862-08:00 A

Reclaiming The Narrative To Change The Face Of Aviation

The history of women in aviation must be dealt with honestly to build a stronger future for them..

Fiona Carruthers / Australian Financial Review
2024-02-25T20:08:52.815689-08:00 A

Turkish Airlines, the new player in market set to spark fare wars to Europe from Australia.

Turkish Airlines will start flying direct into Melbourne (via Singapore) two weeks sooner than previously announced - igniting consumer hopes of better prices..

Shreyashi Sanyal / CNBC
2024-02-25T19:15:55.744629-08:00 A

Electric air transport is set to take off with taxis, ambulances, cargo deliveries by end of this decade

Electric flying vehicles can be used as air taxis, for cargo delivery, medical and emergency response transportation and as private vehicles..


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