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2022-12-09T06:29:59.047624+00:00 A
Zhu Wenqian /

China's first self-developed aircraft C919 delivered

The first C919, China's first domestically-developed narrow-body passenger jet, was delivered to China Eastern Airlines in Shanghai on Friday morning, and it is expected to be put into commercial operation in early 2023..

2022-12-09T02:30:02.734482+00:00 A
Kyle Arnold / Dallas Morning News

Airlines are finally admitting contrails are an environmental problem

Airlines and scientists are coming to a consensus that the water vapor trails created by airplanes at high altitudes may play a big role in global warming.....

2022-12-09T04:38:47.923990+00:00 S
Jeff Foust /

Astrobotic lander undergoes tests ahead of launch

Astrobotic’s first lunar lander has passed a key set of acceptance tests, keeping the spacecraft on schedule for a launch in early 2023..

2022-12-09T07:27:49.398580+00:00 S
Rachel Jewett / Via Satellite

SpaceX Launches its First Mission for OneWeb

SpaceX performed its first mission for OneWeb on Thursday, sending 40 satellites to Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) on a Falcon 9 rocket.

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