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Andrew Tangel / Wall Street Journal

Pentagon Probes Why Boeing Staff Worked on Air Force One Planes Without Security Credentials

About 250 Boeing workers in San Antonio had expired security credentials that are needed to work on highly classified presidential jets..

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2023-03-24T05:40:53.138116+00:00 A
Tim Hepher / ibtimes.com

India Says 'Time Has Come' For Airbus, Boeing To Set Up Jet Assembly Plants

Plane giants Airbus and Boeing face mounting pressure to set up jetliner plants in India, after the country's civil aviation minister told Reuters the "time has come" to serve its soaring demand with jets assembled on domestic soil..

Also: ThePrint India and Reuters

2023-03-23T20:13:13.610798+00:00 D
Steve Trimble / Aviation Week

U.S. Navy Delays MQ-25 Program By Another 10 Months

The latest setback means the IOC milestone is now expected nearly two years after the original schedule set at contract award to Boeing in August 2018..

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