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Times of India

Ethiopian Airlines 737 overshoots Mumbai as both pilots go to sleep

India News: A major disaster was averted when an Air India Jaipur-Mumbai flight flew well past its destination with both its pilots fatigued and fast asleep in th.


2 Small Planes Collide Midair Near Watsonville Airport

Two small planes crashed at Watsonville Municipal Airport in Santa Cruz County Thursday afternoon after colliding while attempting to land, according to the FAA..

Shephard Media

India struggles to find a path forward for AEW aircraft

India desperately needs more AEW aircraft, but its demand for an indigenous solution has slowed the acquisition process right down..

Aviaci Online

Canada Jetlines Receives Air Operating Certificate from Transport Canada

TORONTO--(BUSINESS WIRE) --Canada Jetlines Operations Ltd. (NEO: CJET) (“Canada Jetlines”) the new, all-Canadian, leisure airline, has received its air oper.

The Drive

Our Best Look Yet At The Air Force’s EC-37B Compass Call Jamming Jet

The highly modified Gulfstream business jet will replace the Air Force’s fleet of EC-130H Compass Call electronic warfare planes. .


ESA to request funding for space-based solar power study

The European Space Agency will seek funding this fall for a feasibility study of space-based solar power, the latest sign of support for the concept..


Unions push U.S. based airlines to promise they'll avoid stock buybacks

Labor unions are pressuring U.S. airlines not to buy back their own stock but instead spend the money on hiring more workers and fixing problems that caused widespread flight delays and cancellations this summer..


Harbour Air’s All-Electric Aircraft Operates First Point to Point Test Flight!

The Harbour Air ePlane team is excited to announce that the first direct all-electric point to point test flight has been completed.

The Drive

Russia’s Rickety Be-12 Flying Boats Are Still Patrolling Off Crimea

The veteran amphibious flying boat makes for an unmistakable sight off the Crimean coast, but its wartime role is likely limited. .


B-52, JAS Gripen and F-35 on joint mission over Norway

Earlier today, Swedish and Norwegian fighter aircraft escorted American B-52 strategic bombers over Norwegian territory.


China's Navy Could Have 5 Aircraft Carriers, 10 Ballistic Missile Subs by 2030 Says CSBA Report

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy possesses the resources to field up to five aircraft carriers and 10 nuclear ballistic missile submarines by 2030, according to a new think tank report on Beijing’s ongoing military expansion.


Russia Deploys Hypersonic Missiles to Kaliningrad

Three warplanes equipped with hypersonic missiles will be on "round-the-clock combat duty."


Fiji Airport's takeover by Fiji Airways of ‘utmost concern’ to Fiji travelers

The Fiji Public Service Association (FPSA) says it is concerned for the travelling public as Fiji Airways takes over management of Fiji Airports, that includes air traffic management.