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Ricardo Meier / Air Data News

Porter Airlines expands Embraer E195-E2 order by 25 aircraft

Canadian carrier now has 75 firm orders and 25 purchase options for Embraer’s largest passenger jet

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2023-11-29T22:34:13.351416+00:00 A
Elan Head / The Air Current

Xwing and Daedalean collaborate on shared vision for certifiable AI

Two aviation AI pioneers are coming together to establish a common philosophy for certifying safety-critical machine learning applications..

2023-11-30T00:02:15.793693+00:00 A
David Koenig / Associated Press

NTSB officials release details of their investigation into a close call between planes in Austin Texas

Safety officials are releasing details of their investigation into a close call between a FedEx plane and a Southwest Airlines jet earlier this year in Austin, Texas..

2023-11-29T23:21:08.190481+00:00 S
Stephen Clark / Ars Technica

2023 has been another year with a record number of orbital launches

No turning back? We can expect even more launches worldwide next year.

2023-11-29T19:27:19.623155+00:00 A
Zach Wichter / USA Today

Onboard the Virgin Atlantic sustainable aviation fuel flight from London to New York

Virgin Atlantic's flight 100 was the first time a commercial aircraft flew across the Atlantic Ocean using 100% sustainable aviation fuel..

2023-11-29T21:51:28.504155+00:00 A
Foo Yun Chee / Reuters

Swedish airline SAS secures EU approval for $915 million recapitalisation

Swedish airline SAS on Wednesday won approval from EU competition authorities for its 833 million euro ($915 million) recapitalisation by Denmark and Sweden..

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2023-11-29T14:17:29.393427+00:00 D
Pablo Díaz / Aviacionline

Spanish Ministry of Defense chooses Airbus' SIRTAP as its high performance tactical drone

Airbus signed a contract with the Spanish Ministry of Defense for the development and acquisition of the SIRTAP, a modern High-Performance Unmanned Aircraft Sys.

2023-11-29T23:50:14.060345+00:00 A
Leslie Josephs / CNBC

Spirit Airlines offers buyouts to salaried employees to cut costs

Spirit is facing financial strain from weaker off-peak demand and Pratt & Whitney engine groundings..

2023-11-29T14:12:01.089983+00:00 D
Craig Hoyle / FlightGlobal

Embraer, SAMI pitch C-390 final assembly to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia's SAMI and Embraer have joined forces to pitch the Brazilian airframer's C-390 transport to Riyadh, including the potential for local assembly and support..

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