More than 2500 aviation, defense and space related articles are written and published on an average weekday. Keeping track of this volume of content is a challenge for anyone, let alone a busy professional. Hype Aviation is here to help.

Hype Aviation is a news aggregator and media intelligence service for aerospace industry professionals and enthusiasts. We apply technology to follow thousands of news sources and social media accounts to bring you the most relevant and trending articles in the industry. With the help of machine learning, we filter out the noise and surface the most important and interesting articles in the industry for decision makers.

Our homepage and the vertical-specific landing pages (Aviation, Defense, Space) list the most relevant stories of the moment, at any time of the day. A proprietary algorithm sorts these stories based on their popularity and relevance amongst industry experts on social media and several other factors. To avoid duplicate content, our system merges articles from different sources that cover the same story (an important event is likely covered by multiple news outlets).

We also believe in the importance of human curation and editorial judgment to augment these automated systems. A team of content curators is constantly on the lookout for interesting stories and trends that our systems might have missed. While no human can directly influence the algorithm for individual articles, this human touch also helps ensure that the stories we surface are of the highest quality and that we don't miss any important release, no matter how small or unknown the source might be.


Hype Aviation was founded to provide readers with the most important aviation, defense and space news every hour of every day. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, we’re searching the earth and beyond for stories to keep readers informed with the most accurate information. We work hard to earn your trust through high standards.


Hype Aviation was founded, designed and developed by Robin Koenig in 2017 with a simple but ambitious goal: Making it easy to stay up to date on aviation news without having to follow hundreds of separate sources. Based on the learnings from this first version, the technology behind Hype Aviation went through several iterations to help make Hype Aviation the leading media intelligence service for the aerospace industry.

In late 2021 Isaac Alexander joined the team as the first dedicated human editor for Hype Aviation. His experience in the aerospace industry today augments the automated curation system to provide a more human touch to the content, while maintaining the high quality standards and unbiased assessment of the automated system.

Please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] with any feedback or suggestions.


  • Robin Koenig

    Founder, CEO

  • Isaac Alexander

    Chief Content Officer