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Aug 14–19 S MetSoc 2022 Glasgow, Scotland
Aug 17–19 D S Space Warfighting Industry Forum (SWIF) Colorado Springs, Colorado USA
Aug 19 A National Aviation Day (USA) Manteo, NC USA
Aug 22–23 A National Advanced Air Mobility Industry Forum Springfield, OH USA
Aug 22 Earnings: Heico Corp (HEI)
Aug 22 Earnings: EHang Holdings Ltd (EH)
Aug 23 D AMTC Industry Day Huntsville, AL USA
Aug 23–25 S Lunar Exploration Analysis Group Annual Meeting Laurel, MD USA
Aug 24–26 S New Space Con 2022 Seattle, WA USA
Aug 25–26 A CAPA Latin America Aviation & LCCs Summit Salvador, Brazil
Aug 25 A Australian Aviation Awards Sydney, Australia
Aug 26–28 A Trends in Mechanics & Aerospace (TMAE 2022) Washington DC, USA
Aug 26–28 A ATDMAE 2022 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Aug 27–30 A ACPC Conference San Diego, CA USA
Aug 27–30 A Air Carriers Purchasing Conference San Diego, CA USA
Aug 28–31 A Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting Working Group Championsgate, FL USA
Aug 29–Sep 1 D Defense & Security Exhibition Bangkok, Thailand
Aug 30–31 A APATS Singapore
Aug 31–Sep 1 A ISASI 2022 Brisbane, Australia
Aug 31–Sep 2 A Inter Airport China Beijing, China
Sep 1 A 3rd International Hydrogen Aviation Conference Glasgow, UK
Sep 1 A East European Aviation Warsaw, Poland
Sep 4–9 A ICAS 2022 Stockholm, Sweden
Sep 5 A S New Zealand Aerospace Summit 2022 Christchurch, New Zealand
Sep 5–9 A European Rotorcraft Forum Winterthur, Switzerland
Sep 5 S New Zealand Aerospace Summit Christchurch, New Zealand
Sep 6–8 A Commercial UAV Expo Las Vegas, NV USA
Sep 6–8 S Advanced Satellite Multimedia Systems Conference Graz, Austria
Sep 6 Earnings: AeroVironment Inc (AVAV)
Sep 6–9 D MSPO Kielce, Poland
Sep 6–7 A International Aerospace Innovation Forum 2022 Montreal, Quebec Canada
Sep 6–8 D Azerbaijan International Defence Exhibition Baku, Azerbaijan
Sep 6–8 A Commercial UAV Expo Americas Las Vegas, NV USA
Sep 7–8 S Space-Comm Expo Farnborough, UK
Sep 7–8 A D HeliTech London, UK
Sep 7–8 A AeroOneShow Grand Rapids, MI USA
Sep 7–10 A MTB Aviation 2022 Dubrovnik, Croatia
Sep 7–9 A Russian Business Aviation Exhibition Moscow, Russia
Sep 7–8 A DroneX Conference London, UK
Sep 7–9 A Future Travel Experience Global Las Vegas, NV USA
Sep 8 D S Defense & Security / Space Day Montreal, Quebec Canada
Sep 8–10 D HOOK'22 Reno, NV USA
Sep 9–11 S International Space Convention Bursa, Turkey
Sep 9–11 S European Rover Challenge Kielce, Poland
Sep 9–11 S International Space Conference Tbilisi, Georgia
Sep 10–14 A NASAO 2022 Greenville, SC USA
Sep 10–11 A Electrifly-In Bern, Switzerland
Sep 12 Earnings: Coda Octopus Group Inc (CODA)
Sep 12–16 D Defense Tech Week Washington DC, USA
Sep 12–15 A S Conference on High-Speed Vehicle Science & Technology Bruges, Belgium
Sep 12–16 S World Satellite Business Week Paris, France
Sep 12–13 A Aviation Africa Kigali, Rwanda
Sep 13–15 A AirTaxi World Congress Istanbul, Turkey
Sep 13–15 A SWIFT Montreal, Quebec Canada
Sep 13–15 A Aircraft Cabin Innovation Summit Atlanta, GA USA
Sep 13–14 A Mechnical Meeting on the Development, Affordability Huntsville, AL USA
Sep 13 A Air Charter Expo London, UK
Sep 13–14 A Airline & Aerospace MRO & Flight Operations IT Conference Miami, FL USA
Sep 13–15 A GSE Expo Europe Le Bourget, France
Sep 13–14 A Growth Frontiers Europe London, UK
Sep 13–14 A CAPA Australia Pacific Aviation Summit Adelaide, Australia
Sep 14–15 A Aircraft Cabin Air Virtual
Sep 14–16 A Airport Drone Protection Summit Paris, France
Sep 14 D Defense Talks Washington DC, USA
Sep 15–17 A Vietnam Aviation Expo Hanoi Vietnam
Sep 15–16 A JETNET iQ Summit New York, NY USA
Sep 15 S VytahConf. Bratislava, Slovakia
Sep 16–18 A NYCAviation.com's SPOTLAX2022 Los Angeles, CA USA
Sep 17–20 A ACI-NA Annual Conference & Exhibition Minneapolis, MN USA
Sep 17–18 A Amsterdam Aviation Collectors Fair Amsterdam, Netherlands
Sep 17–18 D Air Force Association National Convention National Harbor, MD USA
Sep 17 A Cranky DorkFest Los Angeles, CA USA
Sep 18–20 A ISTAT EMEA Marrakech, Morocco
Sep 18–22 S International Astronautical Congress Paris, France
Sep 18–23 S Europlanet Science Congress Granada, Spain
Sep 18–23 S ISMSE15 Leiden, The Netherlands
Sep 18–20 A AIAA/IEEE Digital Avionics Systems Conference (DASC) Portsmouth, VA USA
Sep 19–21 D S Air Space Cyber Conference National Harbor, MD USA
Sep 19 Earnings: Fedex Corp (FDX)
Sep 19 Earnings: Astrotech Corp (ASTC)
Sep 19–23 S EUMETSAT Meteorological Satellite Conference Brussels, Belgium
Sep 19–23 D S ION GNSS+ 2022 Denver, CO USA
Sep 20–22 A Workshop on eVTOL Infrastructure for UAM Dayton, OH USA
Sep 20 A Aerial Firefighting Conference Kelowna, BC Canada
Sep 20–22 A MRO Asia Pacific Singapore
Sep 20–21 A International Society of Women Airline Pilots Conference Dublin, Ireland
Sep 21–24 A D Society Of Experimental Test Pilots - Symposium & Banquet Anaheim, CA USA
Sep 21 Earnings: AAR Corp (AIR)
Sep 21–25 A D Africa Aerospace & Defence Tshwane, South Africa
Sep 22–24 A 1st International Conference in Aerospace Medicine Paris, France
Sep 22–24 A S International Conference on Aerospace Medicine Paris, France
Sep 23–27 S Balls XXX: World Class Research Rocketry Black Rock Desert, NV USA
Sep 23–25 A ATCES 2022 Shanghai, China
Sep 23–25 A Aviation Day Paris, France
Sep 23 A Engine Leasing and Management Dublin, Ireland
Sep 24 A D S Annual National Aviation Hall Of Fame Enshrinement Ceremony Dayton, OH USA
Sep 25–30 A ISABE Conference Ottawa, ON Canada
Sep 25–27 A Aircraft Builders Council 2022 Conference Boston, MA USA
Sep 25–30 A Canadian Airports National Electrical Workshop (CANEW) Victoria, BC Canada
Sep 25–27 S EMER-GEN Maui, HI USA
Sep 26–30 A European Association For Aviation Psychology (EAAP) Gibraltar, Spain
Sep 26–29 D Defense TechConnect Innovation Summit Washington DC, USA
Sep 27–29 D A&DM Central Europe Rzeszow, Poland
Sep 27–30 A S Aviasvit International Aviation and Space Salon Kyiv, Ukraine
Sep 27–30 S Advanced Maui Optical and Space Surveillance Technologies (AMOS) Maui, HI USA
Sep 27 Earnings: Worthington Industries Inc (WOR)
Sep 27–28 A Aerospace Testing Symposium London, UK
Sep 27–30 D International Aviation and Space Salon Aviasvit ‑ XXI Kyiv, Ukraine
Sep 27 A Digital Aviation & Travel Forum Moscow, Russia
Sep 27–29 A IATA World Cargo Symposium Hong Kong, China
Sep 27–30 D Arms & Security Exhibition Kyiv, Ukraine
Sep 28–29 S ESA Industry Space Days Virtual
Sep 28–30 A Ground Handling Management Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Sep 28–29 S Satellite & Space Missions Paris, France
Sep 29–Oct 1 A D ADS Show 2022 Mérignac, France
Oct 1–2 S NASA Space Apps Challenge Global
Oct 1–9 A Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta Albuquerque, NM USA
Oct 2–4 S North American Space Summit Traverse City, MI USA
Oct 3–5 A Growth Frontiers Middle East & Africa Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Oct 4–6 D 2022 Global SOF Symposium - Europe Budapest, Hungary
Oct 4 A D Sustainable Light Aircraft Days Bordeaux, France
Oct 4–10 S World Space Week Global
Oct 4–6 A VAST Global Conference Hurst, TX USA
Oct 4–6 D Land Forces 2022 Brisbane, Australia
Oct 4–5 S Space Suppliers Summit Glasgow, UK
Oct 4–7 A University Aviation Association Conference Colorado Springs, Colorado USA
Oct 5–6 A World Aviation Festival Amsterdam, Netherlands
Oct 5–8 S International Conference On Space Eduation Moscow, Russia
Oct 5 Earnings: Park Aerospace Corp (PKE)
Oct 6–7 A 2022 UPRT Safety Summit for Professional Pilots Worldwide Virtual
Oct 6–8 A D Istanbul Airshow Istanbul, Turkey
Oct 8–12 A IATP Conference Lisbon, Portugal
Oct 9–12 A Routes World Las Vegas, NV USA
Oct 9 D Defence Media Awards Washington DC USA
Oct 10–12 D AUSA Washington DC, USA
Oct 10–12 A AirWorks 2022 Las Vegas, NV USA
Oct 10–11 A eVTOL Insights' New York Conference New York, NY USA
Oct 11–12 D S Satellite Innovation Mountain View, CA USA
Oct 11–14 S Space Passive Component Days (SPCD) Noordwijk, The Netherlands
Oct 11–12 S 16th ESPI Autumn Conference Vienna, Austria
Oct 11–13 D Joint Air & Space Power Conference Essen, Germany
Oct 11 Earnings: Delta Air Lines Inc (DAL)
Oct 12–16 D IADE Tunisia Djerba, Tunisia
Oct 12–13 A Elevate Summit Brooklyn, NY USA
Oct 13–14 D S MilSat Symposium Mountain View, CA USA
Oct 13–15 A IAWA Conference Charleston, SC USA
Oct 13 S Beyond Earth Institute Policy Symposium Washington DC USA
Oct 13–15 S First International Conference on Lunar Search & Rescue Hainan, China
Oct 15–16 A S Onboard Connectivity Summit Bremen, Germany
Oct 16–18 A ALTA Leaders Forum Buenos Aires, Argentina
Oct 16–18 A TakeOff North America Las Vegas, NV USA
Oct 17–19 A Aviation Carbon London, UK
Oct 17–23 S EuRoc – European Rocketry Challenge Ponte de Sor, Portugal
Oct 17 Earnings: United Airlines Holdings Inc (UAL)
Oct 17 Earnings: Hexcel Corp (HXL)
Oct 17 Earnings: Iridium Communications Inc (IRDM)
Oct 17–19 A GSEAME 2022 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Oct 17–20 D 2022 Hercules Orion Conference (HOC) Atlanta, GA USA
Oct 17–19 A In-Flight Experience Summit Vienna, Austria
Oct 17–19 S 2nd Climate Observation Conference Darmstadt, Germany
Oct 18–20 S Asia-Pacific Satellite Communications Council Seoul, Republic of Korea
Oct 18–20 A NBAA Orlando, FL USA
Oct 18–21 D EURONAVAL Paris, France
Oct 18–21 A S EASN: Innovation in Aviation & Space Conference Barcelona, Spain
Oct 19–21 D Future Forces International Exhibition Prague, Czech Republic
Oct 19–21 A Cargo Facts Symposium San Diego, CA USA
Oct 19 Earnings: Alaska Air Group Inc (ALK)
Oct 19–20 A Airline & Aerospace MRO & Flight Operations IT Conference Bangkok, Thailand
Oct 19 Earnings: American Airlines Group Inc (AAL)
Oct 19–21 A Airport Expo Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan
Oct 19–21 A IATA Legal Symposium 2022 Paris, France
Oct 20–21 A D S Aeromart Sacheon Sacheon, Republic of Korea
Oct 20–23 S International Mars Society Convention Tempe, AZ USA
Oct 24–26 A Elevate 2022 Tampa, FL USA
Oct 24–26 A International SFTE Symposium London, Ontario Canada
Oct 24 Earnings: Aerojet Rocketdyne Holdings Inc (AJRD)
Oct 24–26 S ASCEND Las Vegas, NV USA
Oct 24 Earnings: General Electric Company (GE)
Oct 24–26 A D Dubai HeliShow Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Oct 24 Earnings: Lockheed Martin Corp (LMT)
Oct 24 Earnings: Albany International Corp - Class A (AIN)
Oct 24 Earnings: Raytheon Technologies Corporation (RTX)
Oct 24 Earnings: United Parcel Service Inc - Class B (UPS)
Oct 24 Earnings: Jetblue Airways Corp (JBLU)
Oct 24 Earnings: Hawaiian Holdings Inc (HA)
Oct 25–28 A MTB Airports Airside 2022 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Oct 25 A Wings of the Future International Aviation Forum Moscow, Russia
Oct 25–28 A D SAHA Expo Istanbul, Turkey
Oct 25 S Australian Space Forum 14 Adelaide, Australia
Oct 25 Earnings: Spirit Airlines Inc (SAVE)
Oct 25 Earnings: Allegiant Travel (ALGT)
Oct 25 Earnings: VSE Corp (VSEC)
Oct 25 Earnings: Caci International Inc (CACI)
Oct 25–27 A IATA Safety Conference Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Oct 25 Earnings: Boeing Company (BA)
Oct 25 Earnings: Teledyne Technologies Inc (TDY)
Oct 25 Earnings: IAALF (IAALF)
Oct 25–27 A APEX/IFSA Expo Long Beach, CA USA
Oct 25 Earnings: General Dynamics Corp (GD)
Oct 25–26 A D S Engine Forum Kobe Kobe, Japan
Oct 26 Earnings: Northrop Grumman Corp (NOC)
Oct 26–29 A Citation Jet Pilots 2022 Annual Convention Austin, TX USA
Oct 26–28 A AIRTEC 2022 Munich, Germany
Oct 26–27 A New Trends in Civil Aviation 2022 Prague, Czech Republic
Oct 26 Earnings: Amazon.com Inc (AMZN)
Oct 26 S Space & Geospatial Collaborative Workshop Adelaide, Australia
Oct 26–28 S Wernher von Braun Memorial Symposium Huntsville, AL USA
Oct 26 Earnings: Textron Inc (TXT)
Oct 26 Earnings: Skywest Inc (SKYW)
Oct 27 Earnings: Booz Allen Hamilton Holding Corp - Class A (BAH)
Oct 27–30 D Air Tanker Association Convention Denver, CO USA
Oct 27 Earnings: L3Harris Technologies Inc (LHX)
Oct 27 Earnings: Southwest Airlines Company (LUV)
Oct 27 A Growth Frontiers Americas New York, NY USA
Oct 31 Earnings: Intevac Inc (IVAC)
Oct 31 Earnings: Kaman Corp (KAMN)
Oct 31 Earnings: Ducommun Inc (DCO)
Oct 31 Earnings: Mercury Systems Inc (MRCY)
Oct 31 Earnings: Sun Country Airlines Holdings Inc (SNCY)
Oct 31–Nov 2 A Corporate Jet Investor Miami Miami Beach, FL USA
Oct 31–Nov 2 A D International Conference on Aerospace Engineering Kunming, China
Nov 1–3 A RACCA Annual Conference Scottsdale, AZ USA
Nov 1 Earnings: Kratos Defense & Security Solutions Inc (KTOS)
Nov 1–4 D US Coast Guard Aviation Association Roost 2022 Corpus Christi, TX USA
Nov 1 Earnings: Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings Inc (AAWW)
Nov 1 Earnings: Trimble Inc (TRMB)
Nov 1 Earnings: Spirit Aerosystems Holdings Inc - Class A (SPR)
Nov 1 Earnings: Air Industries Group (AIRI)
Nov 1–3 A ​World Connect 2022 by APG St. Julien's, Malta
Nov 1 Earnings: Maxar Technologies Inc (MAXR)
Nov 1–3 A Abu Dhabi Air Expo Abu Dhabi, UAE
Nov 1 Earnings: Rada Electronic Industries (RADA)
Nov 1–3 A Aircraft Survivability Symposium Monterey, CA USA
Nov 1–4 A Aviation Week Aerospace Incubator Miami, FL USA
Nov 2 Earnings: Huntington Ingalls Industries Inc (HII)
Nov 2–4 S Commons in Space 2022 Virtual Conference Virtual
Nov 2–5 D Indo Defence Jakarta, Indonesia
Nov 2 Earnings: Air Lease Corp - Class A (AL)
Nov 2 Earnings: Howmet Aerospace Inc (HWM)
Nov 2 Earnings: Air Transport Services Group Inc (ATSG)
Nov 2 Earnings: Tat Technologies (TATT)
Nov 2 Earnings: INTEQ (INTEQ)
Nov 2 Earnings: Globalstar Inc (GSAT)
Nov 2–5 A D Indo Aerospace Expo & Forum Jakarta, Indonesia
Nov 2–5 A INDO Aerospace Jakarta, Indonesia
Nov 3 A D S Aviation Week Laureate Awards Washington DC, USA
Nov 4 A Canadian Aviation Toronto ON Canada
Nov 7 Earnings: AerSale Corp (ASLE)
Nov 7–8 S The Space Summit Boston, MA USA
Nov 7–9 A D Canadian Aerospace Summit Ottawa, ON Canada
Nov 7–10 S 3rd IAA Latin American Symposium on Small Satellites Brasilia, Brazil
Nov 7–9 A ATCA Conference Washington DC, USA
Nov 7–9 A Growth Frontiers Asia Pacific Singapore
Nov 7–10 D 2022 Modern Warfare Week Fort Bragg, NC USA
Nov 7 Earnings: Astronics Corp (ATRO)
Nov 8–13 A D Airshow China Zhuhai, China
Nov 8–9 A European Airline Training Symposium (EATS) 2022 Berlin, Germany
Nov 8–9 A EASA Rotorcraft and VTOL Symposium Cologne, Germany.
Nov 8–10 D International Naval Engineering Conference and Exhibition Delft, Netherlands
Nov 8–10 A Air Cargo Forum Miami, FL USA
Nov 8–10 D S Global MilSatCom London, UK
Nov 8–9 A IATA Wings of Change Europe Istanbul, Turkey
Nov 8–9 A Aerospace TechWeek Americas Atlanta, GA USA
Nov 8–10 A European Rotors Cologne, Germany
Nov 8–9 D Hypersonic Defense 2022 Huntsville, AL USA
Nov 9–12 S ASGSR 2022 Houston, TX USA
Nov 9–10 A 11th International Conference on Air Transport Bratislava, Slovakia
Nov 9 Earnings: Astra Space Inc - Class A (ASTR)
Nov 9–10 A CAPA Asia Aviation Summit & Awards Singapore
Nov 10 A D Aviation Week’s A&D Mergers and Acquisitions Conference Los Angeles, CA USA
Nov 10 Earnings: Azul S.A. (AZUL)
Nov 10–12 S SEDS Space Vision: You Are Here Chicago, IL USA
Nov 10 A Spanish Aviation Summit Madrid, Spain
Nov 10 Earnings: Astrotech Corp (ASTC)
Nov 14 Earnings: AST SpaceMobile Inc - Class A (ASTS)
Nov 14–16 A ICAO Drone Enable Symposium 2022 Montreal Quebec Canada
Nov 15–17 D MilCIS Canberra, Australia
Nov 15–17 A Canadian Aviation Conference & Tradeshow Vancouver, BC Canada
Nov 15–17 A Australia Airports Association (AAA) National Conference Adelaide, Australia
Nov 15–17 S Space Tech Expo Europe Bremen, Germany
Nov 16 A Skift Aviation Forum Fort Worth, TX USA
Nov 16–17 A ISTAT Latin America Panama City, Panama
Nov 17 D Baird's Government & Defense Conference McLean, VA USA
Nov 17–19 A Aerospace Forum 2022 Valencia, Spain
Nov 22–23 S Southern Space Symposium Canberra, Australia
Nov 28–Dec 2 D I/ITSEC Orlando, FL USA
Nov 29–30 D Military Airlift & Air to Air Refuelling Rome, Italy
Nov 29–30 A Sustainable Light Aircraft Days Toulouse, France
Nov 29–30 A 15th Annual Flight Operations Conference London, UK
Nov 29–Dec 1 A Ground Handling International Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Nov 29–Dec 1 A Aeromart Toulouse Toulouse, France
Nov 30–Dec 1 A European Aviation Conference Heilbronn, Germany
Dec 1–3 S New Space Economy European ExpoForum Fiera di Roma, Italy
Dec 1–2 A CAPA World Aviation Summit & Awards Gibraltar
Dec 2–4 S Startup Weekend Space Seattle Seattle, WA USA
Dec 5–8 A AG Aviation Expo 2022 Knoxville, TN USA
Dec 5–8 A D ICAS 2022 Las Vegas, NV USA
Dec 5 Earnings: AeroVironment Inc (AVAV)
Dec 5–8 D Defense Manufacturing Conference (DMC) Tampa, FL USA
Dec 5–6 A Aviation Forum Munich, Germany
Dec 6–8 A MEBAA Show Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dec 7 A D Trans-Atlantic Aerospace & Defense Summit Seattle, Washington USA
Dec 7–8 A D American Aerospace & Defense Summit Glendale, AZ USA
Dec 13–15 D S DOD Commercial SATCOM Workshop Arlington, VA USA
Dec 16–18 A PMAE 2022 Hanoi Vietnam
Dec 16 A Vietnam Aero Summit Hanoi Vietnam
Dec 17 A Wright Brothers Day Kitty Hawk, NC USA
Dec 19 Earnings: AAR Corp (AIR)
Jan 8–12 A AMS Annual Meeting Denver, CO USA
Jan 15–18 A Growth Frontiers Global Dublin, Ireland
Jan 15–18 A Airline Economics Growth Frontiers Dublin Dublin, Ireland
Jan 18 Earnings: American Airlines Group Inc (AAL)
Jan 23–27 A AIAA Science & Technology Forum National Harbor, MD USA
Jan 23–25 D Shield Africa Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire
Jan 24–26 A First International Conference on Urban Air Mobility System Mesa, AZ USA
Jan 24 Earnings: Boeing Company (BA)
Jan 24–27 A NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference Nashville, TN USA
Jan 25 Earnings: Alaska Air Group Inc (ALK)
Jan 26 Earnings: Booz Allen Hamilton Holding Corp - Class A (BAH)
Jan 27–28 A SkyDive The Expo Nottingham UK
Jan 31 Earnings: Allegiant Travel (ALGT)
Feb 1 Earnings: Amazon.com Inc (AMZN)
Feb 1–2 D Military Additive Manufacturing Summit Tampa, FL USA
Feb 5–7 D DIMDEX Doha, Qatar
Feb 6–8 A Corporate Jet Investor London London, UK
Feb 6–7 D UAV Technology USA Arlington, VA USA
Feb 7–9 S SmallSat Symposium Mountain View, CA USA
Feb 8–9 A National Aviation Infrastructure Show NAIS Moscow, Russia
Feb 9–12 A National Warbird Operator Conference Palm Springs, CA USA
Feb 9 Earnings: Astrotech Corp (ASTC)
Feb 12–14 A AirCargo Conference Nashville, TN USA
Feb 13 Earnings: Albany International Corp - Class A (AIN)
Feb 13–14 A MRO Russia & CIS Moscow, Russia
Feb 14–16 D WEST Conference San Diego, CA USA
Feb 15–16 S Global Space and Technology Convention Singapore
Feb 15–17 A SCAA Conference 2022 Myrtle Beach, SC USA
Feb 15–16 S GSTC 2023 Singapore
Feb 20–24 D NAVDEX Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Feb 21–23 S SpaceCom Orlando, FL USA
Feb 22–24 A CONNECT Route Development Forum Tangier, Morocco
Feb 23 D National Security Dual-Use Tech Summit Virtual
Feb 23–25 S Spanish Small Satellites International Forum (SSIF) Malaga, Spain
Feb 23 A Cranky Network Awards Phoenix, AZ USA
Feb 23–24 D S GovSatCom Luxembourg
Feb 23–25 A D European Airshow Council Brussels, Belgium
Feb 23–25 A International Women In Aviation Conference Long Beach, CA USA
Feb 26–Mar 1 A Airport Experience Conference Denver, CO USA
Feb 28–Mar 2 A D S ITS Bremen Bremen, Germany
Feb 28–Mar 5 A D Avalon: Australian International Airshow & Exposition Geelong, Victoria Australia
Feb 28–Mar 2 D Special Air Warfare Symposium Ft. Walton Beach, FL USA
Mar 1–3 A Inter Airport South East Asia Singapore
Mar 1–2 A Aircraft Interiors Middle East AIME 2023 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Mar 1–3 A AAAE/ACC Airport Planning, Design & Construction Symposium Anaheim, CA USA
Mar 1–3 A International Flight School Operators Conference & Trade Show Orlando, FL USA
Mar 4–11 A IEEE Aerospace Conference Big Sky, MT USA
Mar 5–7 A ISTAT Americas San Diego, CA USA
Mar 6–10 S SpaceOps 2023 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Mar 6–8 A Arab Aviation Summit Ras Al Khaimah, UAE
Mar 6–8 D Air Warfare Symposium Aurora, CO USA
Mar 6–9 A HAI Heli-Expo Atlanta, GA USA
Mar 6–8 D Defense Communities National Summit Arlington, VA USA
Mar 6–7 A MRO 2023 Moscow, Russia
Mar 7–9 A World ATM Congress Madrid, Spain
Mar 8 A Ecological & Electric Aviation Conference Helsinki, Finland
Mar 9–10 A PBEXPO 2023 Miami Beach, FL USA
Mar 13–17 S Lunar and Planetary Science Conference The Woodlands, Texas USA
Mar 13–15 A AeroMeet Rome, Italy
Mar 13–16 S Satellite Show Washington DC, USA
Mar 14–15 A Growth Frontiers Korea Seoul, Republic of Korea
Mar 14–16 A AeroTech Fort Worth, TX USA
Mar 15–17 D DSEI Japan Tokyo, Japan
Mar 21–23 A Routes Americas Chicago, IL USA
Mar 26–29 A ATEC Annual Conference Chicago, IL USA
Mar 27–31 S Space Science Week Virtual
Mar 28–Apr 2 A Sun 'n Fun Aerospace Expo Lakeland, FL USA
Mar 29–30 A Aerospace TechWeek Global Munich, Germany
Apr 3–5 D Sea Air Space National Harbor, MD USA
Apr 4–6 A Aeromart Montreal Montreal Quebec Canada
Apr 11–14 D LAAD Defense & Security Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Apr 17–21 S COSPAR Symposium Singapore
Apr 17–20 S Space Symposium Colorado Springs, Colorado USA
Apr 18–19 A Growth Frontiers Tokyo Tokyo, Japan
Apr 18–20 A D Rotorcraft Asia Singapore
Apr 18–19 A eVTOL Insights London 2023 London, UK
Apr 18–20 A 25th World Aviation Training Summit Orlando, FL USA
Apr 24–27 A D AEA Convention Orlando, FL USA
Apr 25 A Wings of Russia Award Moscow, Russia
Apr 25–27 D IMDEX Asia Singapore
Apr 25–27 D ARSAG 2023 Cleveland, OH USA
Apr 25 A Digital Aviation & Travel Forum Moscow, Russia
Apr 26–29 A D FAMEX Feria Aeroespacial Mexico 2023 Tequisquiapan, Mexico
Apr 26–28 D Army Aviation Mission Solutions Summit Nashville, TN USA
May 7–12 S 14th IAA Symposium on Small Satellites for Earth Observation Berlin, Germany
May 8–11 A AUVSI Xponential Denver, CO USA
May 9–11 D Defence Exhibition Athens Athens, Greece
May 9–11 A Aerospace & Defense Meetings Central Europe Rzeszow, Poland
May 9–11 A ISTAT Asia Hong Kong, China
May 17 A Aviation Finance and Leasing Moscow, Russia
May 23–25 S Global Space Conference on Climate Change (GLOC 2023) Oslo, Norway
Jun 6–8 A Aircraft Interiors Expo Hamburg, Germany
Jun 7–9 D MADEX Busan, South Korea
Jun 12–16 A AIAA Aviation San Diego, CA USA
Jun 14–18 D Society of Experimental Test Pilots 52nd European Symposium Linköping, Sweden
Jun 19–25 A D International Paris Air Show Le Bourget, Paris France
Jun 22–24 A Airliners International Dallas Dallas, TX USA
Jun 26–28 A Japan Drone Chiba, Japan
Jul 13–14 S Space Innovation Summit Virtual
Jul 14–16 D Royal International Air Tattoo RAF Fairford, UK
Aug 5–10 S Small Sat Logan, UT USA
Sep 10–12 A Aircraft Builders Council Annual Conference Naples, FL USA
Sep 12–15 D DSEI London, UK
Sep 12–15 D Defence and Security Equipment International London, UK
Sep 14–16 D Taipei Aerospace & Defense Technology Exhibition Taipai, Taiwan
Sep 20–21 A Aerospace Additive Manufacturing Summit Toulouse Toulouse, France
Sep 26–28 A Aeromart Nagoya Nagoya, Japan
Oct 1–3 A ISTAT EMEA London, UK
Oct 2–6 S International Astronautical Congress Baku, Azerbaijan
Oct 10–13 A Inter Airport Europe Munich, Germany
Oct 10–12 A Aerospace Special Processes Suppliers Summit Saint Louis, MO USA
Oct 17–22 A D Seoul ADEX Seoul, Republic of Korea
Oct 23–25 S ASCEND Las Vegas, NV USA
Nov 12–16 A Dubai Airshow Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Nov 27–29 D ExpoDefensa Bogata, Columbia
Nov 28–30 A D Aerospace & Defense Meetings Turin, Italy
Dec 4–7 A D International Council of Air Shows ICAS Convention Las Vegas, NV USA
Dec 6–8 D Gulf Defense & Aerospace Conference Kuwait
Jan 8–12 A AIAA Science & Technology Forum Orlando, FL USA
Jan 18–21 A Wings India Hyderabad, India
Feb 4–8 D World Defense Show Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Feb 20–25 A D Singapore Airshow Singapore
Mar 3–5 A ISTAT Americas Austin, TX USA
Mar 12–14 A World ATM Congress Madrid, Spain
Mar 12–14 A D Aerospace & Defense Supplier Summit Seattle, WA USA
Mar 19–22 A AEA Convention Dallas, TX USA
Apr 9–11 A Aircraft Interiors Expo Hamburg, Germany
Apr 9–14 A D FIDAE Santiago, Chile
Apr 22–25 A AUVSI Xponential San Diego, CA USA
Jun 24–28 A AIAA Aviation Reno, NV USA
Jun 25–27 S Toulouse Space Summit Toulouse, France
Jul 19–21 D Royal International Air Tattoo RAF Fairford, UK
Jul 22–26 A D Farnborough International Airshow Farnborough, UK
Aug 3–8 S Small Sat Logan, UT USA
Sep 8–10 A Aircraft Builders Council Annual Conference Scottsdale, AZ USA
Sep 9–13 A International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences Florence, Italy
Sep 22–24 A ISTAT EMEA Istanbul, Turkey
Oct 11–18 S International Astronautical Congress Milan, Italy
Oct 28–30 S ASCEND Las Vegas, NV USA
Jan 6–10 A AIAA Science & Technology Forum Orlando, FL USA
Mar 2–4 A ISTAT Americas Phoenix, AZ USA
Jul 18–20 D Royal International Air Tattoo RAF Fairford, UK
Aug 2–7 S Small Sat Logan, UT USA
Oct 27–29 S ASCEND Las Vegas, NV USA
Aug 1–6 S Small Sat Logan, UT USA