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2023-03-24T05:40:53.138116+00:00 A
Tim Hepher /

India Says 'Time Has Come' For Airbus, Boeing To Set Up Jet Assembly Plants

Plane giants Airbus and Boeing face mounting pressure to set up jetliner plants in India, after the country's civil aviation minister told Reuters the "time has come" to serve its soaring demand with jets assembled on domestic soil..

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2023-03-23T14:32:13.110143+00:00 A
Dominic Perry / FlightGlobal

Rolls-Royce ready to run UltraFan ‘imminently’

A first ground run of Rolls-Royce's UltraFan technology demonstrator is "imminent", according to a senior company executive..

2023-03-23T11:14:36.766033+00:00 A
Allison Lampert / Reuters

Bombardier lifts 2025 financial targets, production amid strong business jet market

Business jet maker Bombardier Inc on Thursday raised 2025 revenue and free cash targets at its investor day and said it would produce more planes, despite broader economic headwinds..

2023-03-23T15:49:23.665092+00:00 A
Greg Suart /

Dufour Aerospace and Swiss Helicopter announce purchase of Aero2 and Aero3 aircraft

Today, Dufour Aerospace, the Swiss eVTOL company, and Swiss Helicopter AG, the Swiss helicopter company, announced that they have signed a Letter of Intent for.

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