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Andrew Tillett / Australian Financial Review

Retired Royal Australia Air Force F/A-18 Hornet fighter jets could be sent to Ukraine

Australia, the US and Ukraine are discussing sending 41 Royal Australian Air Force F/A-18 Hornets to Kyiv, rather than sending them to the scrapheap as planned..

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2023-06-05T17:21:36.261377+00:00 D
Tony Osborne / Aviation Week

Netherlands Selects Airbus Caracal To Replace Cougar Helicopter

The Netherlands has selected Airbus’ H225M Caracal transport helicopter as the future rotary-wing mount of the country’s special forces..

2023-06-06T01:21:16.316006+00:00 D
Richard Mallory Allnutt / Vintage Aviation News

Historic P-51 Air Racer Owned by the Dakota Territory Air Museum Takes to the Skies Over Minnesota

The overhauled Merlin came in not too long after the airframe’s move to AirCorps’ hangar at Bemidji Regional Airport.

2023-06-05T21:31:35.843776+00:00 D
Rachel Cohen / AirForceTimes

US Air Force aviators could nab $50K each year by staying in uniform

Pilots, air battle managers and combat systems operators who sign new contracts will receive between $15,000 and $50,000 annually for three to 12 years..

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2023-06-05T18:31:17.695277+00:00 D
Gastón Dubois / Aviacionline

Leonardo presented a new variant of its AWHero, a Rotary Uncrewed Aerial System for naval operations

Leonardo unveiled the latest development of its 200 kg AWHero RUAS (Rotary Uncrewed Aerial System) during an official ceremony held at SEAFUTURE 2023 (La Spezia.

2023-06-05T17:40:52.123547+00:00 D
Sandra Erwin / SpaceNews.com

Digital twins gaining traction in military satellite programs

Digital twins gaining traction in military satellite programs

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2023-06-05T15:03:10.007084+00:00 D
Steve Liewer / omaha.com

Electrical failure: Offutt based US Air Force pilots describe in-flight emergency over Caribbean

An Offutt-based crew faced an emergency when a broken electrical relay knocked out radios and flight instruments as their RC-135A flew over the Caribbean on a 2021 mission.

2023-06-05T19:31:55.108685+00:00 D
Sandra Erwin / SpaceNews.com

L3Harris to develop missile-warning sensor for medium orbit constellation

L3Harris to develop missile-warning sensor for medium orbit constellation

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