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The Associated Press / Stars and Stripes

US Coast Guard helicopter that crashed during rescue mission in Alaska is recovered

A helicopter that crashed in southeast Alaska during a rescue mission last month has been recovered, the U.S.

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2023-12-09T15:10:40.260208+00:00 D
Edwin Schimmel / The Aviationist

Last Dutch F-16 Squadron Carries Out Readiness Exercise at Volkel AB

F-16 Fighting Falcons of the RNLAF 312th Squadron took part in a readiness exercise at Volkel Air Base.

2023-12-09T18:57:31.408970+00:00 D
George Allison / UK Defence Journal

Britain in £1bn push for hypersonic missile strike capability

Procurement will include 'functional components' such as "propulsion systems, airframes, flight control computer systems, guidance systems and sensors"..

2023-12-09T15:37:41.063058+00:00 D
Gastón Dubois / Aviacionline

Boeing to upgrade South Korea's F-15K fighters with F-15EX electronics

Boeing and the South Korean Ministry of Defense are finalizing the details of the F-15K modernization program, which includes the adoption of core elements of t.

2023-12-09T07:45:27.899663+00:00 D
Kelvin Chen / Taiwan News

Taiwan's NCSIST completes Sky Sword III missile development

New air-to-air missile to become primary weapon of Indigenous Defense Fighter | 2023-12-09 15:26:00

2023-12-09T07:42:17.075749+00:00 D
Skander Belouizdad / macdonaldlaurier.ca

Floating a different boat: Operationalizing airships for Canada homeland security in the Arctic

Cam Kovarek argues that the US and allies must employ airships as multi-mission, counter-threat platforms to improve their defensive posture in the Arctic..

2023-12-09T06:15:29.601450+00:00 D
Taiwan News / Taiwan News

Taiwan detects China satellite launch, monitors 10 planes and 7 vessels

Defense ministry confirms satellite launch posed no threat and flight path was toward Indian Ocean | 2023-12-09 13:49:00.

2023-12-08T17:31:27.353227+00:00 D
Jennifer H. Svan / Stars and Stripes

US Space Force starts work for top US commands in Europe and Africa

A dark-blue flag with a nod to the stars was unfurled Friday to mark the activation of U.S. Space Forces’ first component command based in Europe, underscoring the growing importance of space-based communications in modern warfare and defense.

2023-12-07T02:22:36.117608+00:00 D
Bert Wilkinson / Associated Press

Helicopter carrying 5 senior Guyana military officials is missing near tense border with Venezuela

A military helicopter carrying seven people has vanished near Guyana’s border with Venezuela. Authorities note there was bad weather in the area and stressing there was no indication it might have been hit by hostile fire amid an ongoing diplomatic spat between both countries..

2023-12-09T05:07:50.572230+00:00 D
Rajeev Ranjan / ndtv.com

India-Made Digital Maps To Help Fighter Jets Navigate In Hilly Areas

Indian fighter jets will soon be equipped with digital maps to help pilots avoid losing directions, said a top official from the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), a premier aerospace and defence manufacturer..

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