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Shay Saldana / sierraspace.com

Sierra Space Completes Third Successful Test of Inflatable Habitat Unit Designed for First Commercial Space Station

Sierra Space's subscale version of LIFE™ Habitat exceeds NASA certification requirements in duration test for extended human missions..

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2023-01-31T16:42:48.138471+00:00 S
Louise Franco / natureworldnews.com

Giant 'Alien Comet' from Different Solar System Approaches Our Sun [Scientists]

Scientists believe that the alien comet called 96P/Macchoiz 1 came from another solar system where it lost its original orbit from an exoplanet.

2023-01-31T16:40:03.133406+00:00 S
Peter B. de Selding / Space Intel Report

European startups: VC investors here still risk-averse. EU institutions: But we're not. Consider our flight ticket

credit: European Commission BRUSSELS — European space-technology startups said European venture capital investors remain too risk-averse….

2023-01-31T12:52:17.641579+00:00 S
Joshua Faleti / SpaceWatch Global

Space Foundation Releases The Space Report 2022 Q4

Space Foundation has released The Space Report 2022 Q4, showing shattered records for launches and the number of satellites and spacecraft to reach orbit despite difficult market conditions and international tensions, including the Russia-Ukraine war..

2023-01-31T11:13:37.867901+00:00 S
Joshua Faleti / SpaceWatch Global

ESA Announces In-flight Demonstration of ADEO Braking Sail

The Drag Augmentation Deorbiting System (ADEO) breaking sail was successfully deployed from the ION satellite carrier in late December 2022.

2023-01-31T05:58:23.791673+00:00 S
Terry Ballard / newsbreaks.infotoday.com

How NASA Works With Libraries, Schools, and Private Citizens to Explore the Universe

I am old enough to remember sitting in my parents' den watching Neil Armstrong take the first steps on the moon.

2023-01-30T14:45:55.999103+00:00 S
Tyler Gray / NASA Spaceflight

SpaceX delays first flight of cross-country Starlink doubleheader to Tuesday

With five Falcon 9 launches and a single Falcon Heavy flight already under its belt…

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