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2023-06-06T00:24:43.443133+00:00 S
Russ Nelson /

UAH professor helping to revolutionize Big Data astronomy, using statistics in a new way to decipher the universe

Dr. Bonamente published a paper in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, one of the world's leading research journals in astronomy and astrophysics, that showcases an innovative new twist in probability distributions that promises to revolutionize the ways cosmological data can be interpreted..


2023-06-05T23:30:55.988744+00:00 S
Luis Rios /

NASA program aims to grow El Paso's aerospace workforce amid new space race

A career in aerospace engineering can be lucrative, but students in the borderland have struggled to imagine themselves reaching for the stars..

2023-06-05T22:56:37.239392+00:00 S
Evan Gough / Universe Today

Researchers are Working on a Tractor Beam System for Space

We need solutions to the burgeoning problem of space debris. One team of researchers is developing a real-life 'tractor beam' to deal with it..

2023-06-05T21:07:00.346056+00:00 S
Josh Dinner /

NASA's new moon car for Artemis astronauts will be inspired by Mars rovers

NASA wants more than just a lunar golf cart.

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2023-06-05T11:34:06.346177+00:00 S
Manshi Mamtora / Seeking Alpha

Momentus climbs 14% nine satellites for Apogeo Space IoT constellation

U.S. commercial space company, Momentus (MNTS) signs an agreement with Apogeo Space to provide orbital transportation services for nine satellites that are part of Apogeo’s....

2023-06-05T17:48:53.398467+00:00 S
Ria Urban /

Magellan Aerospace Signs Agreement With the Boeing Company for Exhaust Systems

Insider Brief: Magellan Aerospace Corporation signed a contract extension with The Boeing Company to manufacture large and complex nacelle exhaust.

2023-06-05T16:12:21.606173+00:00 S
Morning Joe /

NASA administrator: The future of space is collaborative

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson joins Morning Joe to discuss his trip to Warsaw, Poland and why the future of space is collaborative..

2023-06-05T16:10:32.305539+00:00 S
Thomas Gnau / Stars and Stripes

AFRL research at Wright-Patterson helps brace NASA Artemis astronauts for impact

When NASA astronauts get suited up and seated in their newest space capsule on their next trip to the moon, it will be with the help of Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) researchers at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base..

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