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Northrop Grumman signs deal to grow Australia’s Triton workforce

The deal is the latest milestone in the delivery of the Royal Australian Air Force’s fleet of MQ-4C Triton aircraft, with the partners to support the operation and maintenance of command-and-control systems aboard the multi-intelligence uncrewed aircraft fleet.

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Russ Niles / AVweb
2024-04-16T21:01:16.471869-07:00 D

Marine Aviator Of The Year Major Shane Gentry Is Also A Drone Pilot

The Marine Corps’ top pilot for 2024 never leaves the ground. For the first time, a drone pilot, Maj. Shane Gentry, has been named the Corps’ Marine Aviator of the Year.

Indian Defence News Staff / India Defense News
2024-04-16T23:07:11.696249-07:00 D

India Will Increase The Payload Capacity of Missiles

Specialists of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) have developed and successfully tested a rocket nozzle made of carbon-carbon co...

Alert5 / Alert 5
2024-04-16T22:08:15.554196-07:00 D

Portuguese F-16s conduct first intercept during current Baltic Air Policing deployment

On Apr. 15th, Portuguese F-16 fighter jets assigned to NATO's Baltic Air Policing mission conducted their first intercept mission of the current deployment.

Brian Everstine / Aviation Week
2024-04-16T16:22:38.302517-07:00 D

F-35 Office Targeting July For Long-Awaited Avionics Upgrade

The F-35 Joint Program Office is now targeting acceptance of a long-awaited avionics upgrade for July.

Anastasia Obis / Federal News Network
2024-04-16T14:31:28.500385-07:00 D

US Air Force pushes to move Guard units to Space Force

“[Air National Guardsmen] will be able to continue to serve in the way that they currently would serve,” said Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall.

Gwen Wilson / helihub.com
2024-04-16T21:47:22.528138-07:00 D

Italy appoints General Di Stasio new head of Army Aviation Command

The turnover ceremony at the Army Aviation Command (AVES) between Division General Andrea Di Stasio and Division General Salvatore Annigliato took place in the “Chelotti” barracks.

Oliver Parken / The War Zone
2024-04-16T17:12:04.604596-07:00 D

Deck Of China's Nearly Complete Carrier Now Hosting Multiple Aircraft Mockups

The sight of mock fighters, a trainer, and an early warning and control aircraft on the Fujian gives a glimpse of its future air wing.

Unshin Harpley / Air & Space Forces Mag
2024-04-16T15:32:55.011960-07:00 D

For First Time Since 2022, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin Talks to China's Defense Minister

Lloyd Austin spoke to China's defense minister in the first direct talk between defense chiefs of the two nations in close to two years.

Sandra Erwin / SpaceNews.com
2024-04-16T14:56:54.148737-07:00 D

US Department of Defense awards $14 million to 5N Plus to boost production of critical solar cell components for satellites

DoD awards $14 million to 5N Plus to boost production of critical solar cell components for satellites.


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