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Karen Fox / NASA/JPL

NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Team Says Goodbye … for Now

The final downlink shift by the Ingenuity team was a time to reflect on a highly successful mission — and to prepare the first aircraft on another world for its new role.

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Barry J Whyte / Irish Times
2024-04-16T22:08:13.109105-07:00 S

Declan Ganley’s Rivada pays €6.5m to Terran Orbital as part of satellite deal

Rivada raising funds to build a multibillion-dollar satellite constellation made up of hundreds of low-Earth orbit satellites.

Richard Angle / Teslarati
2024-04-16T21:47:26.610354-07:00 S

SpaceX breaks Falcon 9 flight record

SpaceX successfully launched and landed a Falcon 9 for the 20th time on Friday, April 12th, marking a new milestone for flight-proven rockets.

Staff Reporter / trtworld.com
2024-04-16T21:46:54.185645-07:00 S

Türkiye's first earth observation satellite completes one year in space

IMECE, launched into space on April 15, 2023, has executed its mission successfully, the Turkish industry and technology minister says, adding, Türkiye has proved its ability in space technologies.

Janet Loehrke / USA Today
2024-04-16T21:42:54.689192-07:00 S

Waste in space: Why junk in Earth orbit is becoming a huge problem

Any equipment or trash left by humans in space is considered space junk and can remain in orbit at up to 18,000 mph.

Jason Rainbow / SpaceNews.com
2024-04-16T11:58:09.132896-07:00 S

Satellite veteran Mark Rigolle appointed CEO amid ABS upheaval

Satellite industry veteran Mark Rigolle is taking the helm of ABS after Amit Somani’s sudden departure early this year in the latest shake-up for the Dubai-based regional satellite operator, the company announced April 16.

Garrett Reim / Aviation Week
2024-04-16T15:12:11.423595-07:00 S

Space Junk Interceptor Rocket Startup Dark Raises $6 Million

Dark, a developer of a space junk interceptor rocket, has raised a $6 million seed round extension.

Sharmila Kuthunur / Space.com
2024-04-16T13:06:21.353673-07:00 S

Exotic 'Einstein ring' suggests that mysterious dark matter interacts with itself

"The value for the dark matter mass seems higher than expected. This is puzzling.".

Gabriele Steinhauser / Wall Street Journal
2024-04-16T10:46:30.501442-07:00 S

Elon Musk’s Starlink Cracks Down on Growing Black Market

Elon Musk’s SpaceX has begun a crackdown on users who are connecting to its Starlink high-speed internet service from countries where it isn’t authorized.

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