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Joey Roulette / Reuters

US moon lander Odysseus goes dormant a week after lopsided landing

Odysseus, the first U.S. spacecraft to land on the moon in half a century, lost power and went dormant on Thursday as it entered a frigid lunar nightfall, ending its mission a week after a lopsided touchdown that hindered operations and its scientific output..

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Edoardo Giammarino / spacevoyaging.com
2024-02-29T14:47:06.408348-08:00 S

Redwire Space Tests Laser For ESA’s Proba-3 Mission | Space Voyaging

Redwire Space in Belgium conducted a critical laser-based tests for Proba-3. Precision formation flying aims for millimeter accuracy in space exploration.

Aria Alamalhodaei / TechCrunch
2024-02-29T15:46:43.076886-08:00 S

Intuitive Machines' first moon lander also broke ground with safer, cheaper rocket-style propulsion

Intuitive Machines’ first lunar lander officially lost power today after spending seven days on the moon.

Jacqueline Cutler / USA Today
2024-02-29T14:29:55.100530-08:00 S

The Dwight Stuff: Black astronaut Ed Dwight on 'The Space Race,' and missed opportunity

Ed Dwight could've been the first Black astronaut. The trail he blazed didn’t make it to space, but it got others there..

Peter B. de Selding / Space Intel Report
2024-02-29T13:55:01.561643-08:00 S

Thales joins Boeing, Airbus in facing substantial delays with its new software-defined satellite product

LA PLATA, Maryland — The three satellite builders that were first to introduce commercial software-defined, flexible-payload….

Mark Carreau / Aviation Week
2024-02-29T13:33:34.909478-08:00 S

Mars Sample Return Mission Faces Challenges, NASA IG Says

NASA’s planned Mars Sample Return mission faces significant obstacles, an IG report says.

Michael Sheetz / CNBC
2024-02-29T10:04:39.840736-08:00 S

How Columbia's fabric tech landed on the surface of the moon

The concept was pretty simple, if ambitious: Take Columbia's "Omni-Heat Infinity" fabric and apply it to Intuitive Machines' Nova-C spacecraft..

2024-02-28T23:34:37.142175-08:00 S

Sharmila Kuthunur / Live Science
2024-02-29T11:09:47.227099-08:00 S

James Webb telescope spots trouble in Orion Nebula: Stellar winds are eroding planet-forming material around a young star

A group of extremely bright stars may be slowly reshaping the Orion Nebula and stopping one of their neighbors from forming planets, new James Webb Space Telescope observations suggest..

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